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I am 33 yrs old
living in Wales,uk

things I like:
writing poems
writing lyrics

I have qualifications in art & design and computer hardware and software maintenance.
I have worked in various Jobs including customer service, production and retail work.

I want to be able gather as much insight of other country's and able to create video's that every single person race and age can relate too my website i have created for people who want to put them selves out there in music. i am at the moment re-designing the website so i can put exlusive video's I create before they go on to video sharing website's like this one.
my website is like my vblog site so if you have video you want me to put up on there send me the video to: stephen@xythestranger.com and I will look at and maybe show it on my website. photo's are also welcome and i will putthem in my gallery. I will not exept any type of porn type video's

If you are an organisation and you want me to put your website on mine also you can sent me an e-mail withe details and icon of your site and I will add it to my site

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