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XYZ Production is based in Athens, Greece. We don’t simply provide filming services, we also produce original content across multiple formats. Our in-house projects include documentaries, commercials, interactive apps, and digital content for television and social media.

With a dedicated creative team, state-of-the-art equipment and an in-house editing suite, we can handle every aspect of any shoot, from pre-production to broadcast transmission. All our productions are shot, edited and delivered in highest quality.

XYZ works with many of the world’s leading broadcasters and wire services, from the ZDF to BBC , Red Bull Media House to European Commision.

We have established a reputation for producing complex shoots in remote locations, including: Iraq, Afghanistan, China, North Korea, Sierra Leone, New Orleans, Mexico, Gaza, Kosovo, Algeria, Morocco, and Colombia.

Flexible, focused and full of ideas - XYZ will engage and inspire your audience every time.

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