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We, the members of the Young Adult Advisory Team (YAAT), have come together to use our voices to positively impact the lives of our peers and future generations.

We are concerned regarding 18-25 year olds’ lives in these ways:
· Alcohol and other drugs becoming the focus of their lives, being perceived as the only way to have fun, and being used for stress relief
· The negative effects of alcohol and other drugs on brain development and on other aspects of life (such as using safe sex practices, avoiding dating violence, etc.), while note viewed as dangerous
· The human, societal and economic costs

What changes an 18-25 year old’s perspective:
· Real stories from genuine people about the realities of how much of life is missed and how much better life is without substance abuse, delivered in a way that is culturally competent
· Positive peer influence
· Understanding harm in a way that affects people personally
· Ensuring that young people feel positive self-worth and resilience
· Helping young people to see how their thinking impacts their life and to follow their inner voice of wisdom

Influences that changed our members:
· Support from family, friends, significant others and mentors
· Personal motivation (a personal vision or threat of severe consequence)
· Someone/something to care for other than ourselves


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  3. Institute on Disability
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