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Kyle Evans (MFA, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago) is a sound designer, computer musician, electronic instrument creator, and realtime video performer. While his educational background was focused toward experimental music and sound art, his collective artistic work ranges from music technology development to multimedia installation. He has invented many electronic musical and video instruments ranging from studio-based synthesizers and performance-based computer interfaces to electronic modifications and augmentations to acoustic instruments. His performances and installations commonly explore the relation between modern and obsolete technologies, breaking and repurposing, and the dialogue between performer and technology. His recent work has focused on utilizing the hidden capabilities and potentials of the now obsolete CRT television and the process of effectively bringing new life to a dead technology. He has performed and presented his work throughout the United States and Europe including transmediale 2013 in Berlin, the 2010 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) at Columbia University in New York, the 2012 Dallas Video Festival at the Dallas Museum of Art, Dimanche Rouge #19 in Paris, the 2012 Vancouver New Music Festival, the 2011 Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival in Chicago, and the 2011 & 2012 GLI.TC/H festivals in Chicago. He won second prize in the Guthman New Musical Instrument Competition 2012 at the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology for his collaborative project Cracked Ray Tube. His work has been presented in several publications including Popular Science Magazine and Hand Made Electronic Music by Nic Collins.

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