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Having worked in the Animation and Gaming industry for a decade, we want to extend our creativity by designing and developping our own video games.
Yanim Studio Animation is historically a high-end character animation and visual effects studio. We have provided digital production services for computer games, commercials, music videos, animated series, films. Our work has been rewarded several times for their compelling visuals and storytelling. Our team is based in Spain.
We are highly motivated in sharing our ideas and passion of video games with the gaming community. As such, we are currently working on a project aimed for a launch in 2015. Our team is currently composed of 7 people, including 3D animation, programming, marketing, sound design. Besides this video game project of our own, we are offing our expertise in 3D animation, from visual and story development to final post, including complete computer graphic process and image creation.
Further information at: yanim.net

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