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Vincent W. Jacob, a french songwriter and author met Fanny Hill, another french
musician in LA.. They were both looking for something new on the other side of the world.
They started Yard Of Blondes together and soon took the desert roads to confront
themselves to their Rock, Folk and Stoner influences. Back in L.A., they played more than
100 shows with other great bands such as Hermane Düne or Alain Johannes (Queens
of the stone age), and they have been growing as a full live band on the stages of L.A
clubs such as The Bootleg Theater, El Cid, The Viper Room, TAIX, Skinny’s Lounge,
Hemingway, the Whisky A gogo, … They just recorded a new EP with their new
bandmembers Will, Dean and Ben. The record was inspired by the «murder ballads»
from the 19’s century and deals with powerful emotions over a dark rock music
somewhere between Stoner Rock and Pop-Rock. Julian David recorded it with Yard Of
Blondes at Firewater Studios (Korn, Spliknot, Unkle, ..) with the full support ot its
owner, Billy Graziadei from Biohazard.

Yard Of Blondes is: Vincent Walter Jacob: Vocals / Guitars , Fanny Hill: Vocals / Piano / Organ, Dean Chamberlain: Bass
Will Schlich: Guitars , Ben Lecourt: Drums

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