Ya-Ting Hsu

Taipei, Taiwan

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許雅婷, 2009年於芝加哥藝術學院電影錄像新媒體研究所畢業。
對她來說藝術創作不是單純創作一個新的議題而是重新發現這重要的議題。電影讓她用創作者的身分重新看待這個世界、用獨特且發自內心的藝術手法來表達。悠遊於各種形式的創作-紀錄片,劇情片,實驗片,許雅婷擁抱各種創作的可能性,並期望打破形式限制的疆域。同時,對於碎片回憶和真實的情感投射和社會大結構剝奪個人對命運的掌握是她目前創作的核心概念。電影讓她從小小的螢幕看到更大的世界, 從小小的監聽器聽到更廣的聲音

Ya-Ting Hsu, received MFA degree from FVNM Dept. at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2009.
Art making is not creating but rediscovering things that matter. Filmmaking allows her to rediscover the world from the artist’s point of view to make it creative, unique and close to the artist’s heart. Simultaneously working within documentaries, narratives, and experimental films, Ya-Ting embraces all the possibility to break the boundaries to see the world. She is always interested in emotional attachment from people fragmental projections of the reality and, on the other hand, social structure that authorizes people’s destiny. For her, all these process allow her to see the bigger world through the frame of the viewfinder and through the head of monitor.


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