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Year Zero One [YZO] is a media arts organisation committed to the production, development and presentation of electronic media art through networked exhibitions and site-responsive projects in public space.

Goals and Artistic Objectives:

• supporting the growth and development of emerging and hybrid artistic practices through exhibitions, events and commissions

• researching and developing curatorial concepts that intersect new technologies, public art and architectural space

• partnering with galleries and cultural institutions to develop interactive designs and applications to enhance, engage and distribute artworks to the public

• utilising the internet as a space for collaborative creation, dissemination and open source development

• providing resources and information to artists through a media arts directory, blog and other social networks

keywords = new media, net.art, digital art, site-specific, interactive, locative media, software art, bioart, generative art, collaborative networks, art + science, urban screens, video billboards, GPS, mobile media, telematic, gaming, robotics, digital storytelling, mapping, animation, interactive video, michael alstad, michelle kasprzak, david jhave johnston, camille turner

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