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Gramela Pamela is Pamela Walter’s YEBEN!™ name.

Born and raised in New Jersey, she also became known as "The YEBENLady" during her time as a teenager at a California sleep away camp, where she started doodling YEBENS!™

Gramela Pamela has been a stay at home mom, a single mother, a step mom, a working mother, as well as a Grandmother (aka “Grandie”).

Pamela Walter has had many careers. She was drama major and stage manager at Syracuse University.

As a singer-song writer and children’s entertainer, she performed at school assembly programs and storytelling venues.

Much later, she decided to grow in a few different directions:

First, she went to The New York School of Interior Design and became a residential interior designer. After that she managed some very fancy furniture stores. But her feet started hurting from standing so much, and she wanted to sit down.

Instead of making pretty rooms, she decided to make pretty documents. So, she went to Katharine Gibbs and learned how to use a computer. She spent the next 15 years as the Executive Coordinator for the President of a multi-billion dollar, international shipping conglomerate making LOTS of pretty documents.

But that wasn’t creative enough (except for doing great PowerPoint), so she decided to go to The Computer Insight Learning Center and learn graphic arts and web design. She loved, loved, loved learning it and creating graphics, but she really didn’t like coding at all.

So, Pamela Walter retired from business and planned to enjoy being a full-time Grandie to her six grandchildren (aka Grillies) ages 2 to 17, and having fun with her husband and high school sweetheart, Rockin’ RonPa.

However, according to everyone we interviewed, Gramela Pamela always said, "I'll do my YEBENS!™ when I retire." So, that's why she's doing this now.

Besides continually updating her Let's YEBEN!™Do It website, Gramela Pamela also creates YEBEN!™ T-shirts and YEBEN!™ Hugging Pillows, and still writes YEBEN!™ Stories, YEBEN!™ Activity Books and new YEBEN™ Songs for The YEBEN!™ Stuff Store.

We believe Gramela Pamela will always be "The YEBENLady."

Pretty cool, doncha think?

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