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Yesterfang Puppetry & Animation

Yesterfang puppetry and animation is a company based in Jamestown, Stellenbosch. In an age where new media is rapidly increasing and competing with traditional forms of entertainment, Yesterfang attempts to empower the forgotten, and reintroduce the magic of puppetry and live performance to the stage of entertainment. We strive to deliver art in its fundamental form, unaltered by the so-called enhancements of the digital revolution. Staying true to the handcrafted quality of our work is the most important objective throughout the whole process of a project. We make use of natural materials and found objects such as feathers, wood, paper, wire and horsehair. The combination of tangible objects and live performance produces an animate theatrical world in which the viewer can interact with in a direct fashion. Yesterfang explores with various forms and combinations of puppetry such as shadow theatre, rod puppetry and stop-motion animation to create a fantastic new experience for all.

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