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I was born in Athens, Greece, in May 1980. At a fairly young age I developed this urge to explore the world through a lens. This resulted in various premature kind of experimental attempts on filming. While at school computer programming was also a sudden and all-consuming fascination. Finally, upon graduation, I decided to attend film-editing school, which I actually did. Sure enough, this choice opened up a whole new and exciting world for me.I worked for various television production companies. I have also worked in t.v. stations editing live news and feature stories. The peak of this course has been my collaboration with the Greek public television documentary series 'Exandas'. And documentary somehow brings us to photography. An ongoing love-affair that was always sort of 'hidden' from the world but dwelt within my heart and mind. Through some traveling and wondering in different countries, opportunities did indeed arise to bring it out in the open. I can only say in all humility, that I now discover the potentialities and dynamics that this medium holds and as such it blows me away. My first shy attempts at it have resulted in three Official Selections, one Honorable Mention in the 2009 International Photography Awards and seven photographs which made it to the finals of the Px3 2010 - People’s choice awards. Hopefully I am going to be given the chance to move forward with photography and dedicate myself completely to it, as it deserves.

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