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Yin the Zone is a whole body workout system created by former Tracy Anderson Method trainer Yin Yue. She took inspiration from what she learned while she trained and studied with fitness guru Tracy Anderson, collected 20 years of experience and knowledge on dancing classical ballet and contemporary modern. Yin Yue molded a new efficient workout system Yin The Zone Fitness, which serves as an open platform for all useful and helpful trendy exercises movement to shine. The workout is designated to target fat friendly areas such as thigh, butt, waist, arm and shoulder while you get a total body transformation at the same time.

Yin The Zone workout contains three components, toning, strengthening and cardio aerobic dance.

Yin The Zone Fitness will help you

1: to build up your strength and muscular mass by doing high number of repetition on each movement .
2: to learn how to control your movement with resistence from your own msucle.
3: to burn calorie and lift up your spirit by following energetc and structured dance aerobic steps.
4: to understand how to move properly, efficiently and safely in each movement

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