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Yoav Potash is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, and social justice advocate.

For his work in producing and directing CRIME AFTER CRIME (CrimeAfterCrime.com), Yoav has earned many honors including the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, The National Board of Review’s Freedom of Expression Award, and other top prizes for documentaries in the US. CRIME AFTER CRIME and the accompanying outreach campaign that Yoav founded have helped spark Free From Abuse, a project to change criminal justice legislation in multiple US states.

Yoav’s other recent work includes the documentary FOOD STAMPED (FoodStamped.com), winner of the Jury Prize at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival. Yoav also produces content for many top corporations including Apple and Neutrogena, as well as for leading nonprofit foundations and social services agencies.

He is a graduate of UC Berkeley, where he earned the university’s top prize in creative writing. He is currently writing a screenplay for a dramatic motion picture based on CRIME AFTER CRIME. He has taught film/video production at the Bay Area Video Coalition bavc.org since 2001. In the films that he creates for social services agencies and nonprofits including Jewish Family and Children’s Services of San Francisco jfcs.org and The Koret Foundation koret.org, and in his independent work, Yoav is a filmmaker who dedicates his voice and creativity to serving those in need. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley, where he received the Eisner Prize, the university's top award in creative writing.

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