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Based in Tel-Aviv, Yoav Shamir is an accomplished award-winning documentary film and television director, producer and cinematographer. His work reflects his passion to probe and uncover difficult and polarizing subject matters through an observational lens. He delivers penetrating and ethically challenging interviews with an accessible charm, which entertains and appeals to a broad audiences.

His sixth documentary feature film - 10% - has taken him on a worldwide journey to discover - What Makes a HERO?

Yoav Shamir’s films have screened at international film festivals, and were broadcast on the following channels internationally: Arte/ZDF, VPRO, BBC, Channel 4, Sundance Channel, ITVS, SBS Australia, CBC Canada, SVT, DR1, Israeli Channel 2, Israeli Channel 1, Israeli Channel 8, France 5, and Canal+.

His critically acclaimed and award-winning documentary feature films include: Marta & Luis (2001), Checkpoint (2003), 5 Days (2005), Flipping Out (2007) and Defamation (2009).

Yoav Shamir graduated from Tel-Aviv University with a Bachelor of Arts in history and philosophy, and a Masters in Fine Arts in Film which he graduated from with honors.

Stay up to date @ yoavshamirfilms.com, facebook.com/yoavshamirfilms or twitter.com/yoavshamirfilms

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  1. Dear Loni, You are welcome, and thanks for buying the film! Unfourtunatly we cannot send a seperate file for subtitles, how ever there is a DVD with subtitles that you can order via our website: www.yoavshamirfilms.com Happy new year!