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We all have our own monsters inside and they are generally difficult to share, perhaps because we are afraid of leaving them exposed or because of how difficult it can be to accept them as a part of ourselves. One way or another they live inside us and sometimes a single thought reminds us that they are always repressed, as if they would not belong to us.
In a greater or lesser extent in our daily life we all submit our ideas and thoughts to a process that separates what can and can not be shared in order to not offend anyone, respect the rules or simply to maintain good habits. In the construction of our identity and personal development the view of others is so important to us, that we even have phrases like “good people”, “nice people” or “people like us”. At the end, cute or not, good or evil, as one or the other, we all have our own monstrosity, and nothing left suppressed or hidden due to fear of being judged can bring us a positive experience. If in the best case we came to this world to express ourselves and to share what we really are, to find matching people and to experience life in the most authentic and honest way, then what good can come from hiding what we are?
Yomonstro is an art collective that aims to generate spaces and contexts where people can interact with their own monstrosity in a creative way. We believe that by interacting more with our own monsters we can incorporate repressed aspects that otherwise would only limit the experience of who we really are.
Through open collective and interactive creation projects we invite everyone to demonsterate themselves. We use recycling materials as a source that embodies the path of transformation that we must walk through in order to integrate our own polarities. The demonsterations are activities in which we can share the monsters inside us with others, without being afraid of being judged, in a context of interaction that remains open to experimentation and reflection. All those involved become Monsterologists, people who believe in the value of sharing ourselves in a more direct and authentic way, encouraging each other to say what we want and share what we do. By this, we are creating a network of people who are committed to a world where it's possible to fully share what we really are.

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