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Yonah Nimmer is an innovative writer and director who currently attends the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Coming from a big family with five kids, Nimmer always had an inclination to entertain people. Whether it was his standup comedy routines at the age of eight or his first film in sixth grade, Nimmer has always gotten joy from making others laugh. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Nimmer moved to the east coast in order to enhance his film skills as well as be immersed in a different lifestyle. He is a master of comedies and loves turning real life scenarios into the absurd. Nimmer enhances his comedies with his signature move of an unexpected plot twist. He has experience working on the web series, The New Kind, working on the upcoming film Bremen at Hammerhead Productions, as well as being an on field cinematographer for the BCS National Championship Game of 2012. In the future, Nimmer sees himself moving back to Los Angeles, taking the skills he has developed with him on the east coast, he plans to write and direct his own feature films.


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