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Director of Photography
Online reel: csc.ca/Giannelis/
Imdb page : imdb.com/name/nm0316235/

Selected credits
“Fish n’chips” by Elias Demetriou, produced by Filmblades (in post-production), shot on RED, 2010.
Trailer : youtube.com/watch?v=YT1_pS71z2Q

“45 m2” by Stratos Tzitzis, produced by Metavision, 2009.
Shot on S16. Trailer : youtube.com/watch?v=6Kq6JQngU2M

“Small crime” by Christos Georgiou, produced by ZDF/Arte, Twenty twenty vision, Lychnari productions, 2007.Shot on 35mm. vimeo.com/9779536

“Save me” by Stratos Tzitzis, 2001. DV to 35mm. vimeo.com/9778687

“Buzz” documentary film 120mn directed by Spiro Taraviras, produced by Atalante pictures,Greek film center, NET, 2005. Dvcpro50 to 35mm vimeo.com/9781169

“Marseilles, a greek profile” documentary film 85mn by Markos Gastine, produced by Greek film center, NET, 2004. DVcam to 35mm vimeo.com/9780790

“Sweets of the orient” documentary by Aggelos Abazoglou, Cyclope productions for ARTE tv, 2010, shot on HD.

“G4” tv-series (30 x 45min.) by Sergios Konstantinidis, produced by TVE
for Alpha tv,2008-2009. Dvcpro50 (g-4.gr)
Links: youtube.com/watch?v=2B9QIn2fepQ

“I katallili stigmi” tv-series (16 x 45min.) directed by Ch. Paligiannopoulos, produced by Bad Movies for NET Television. 2005. DV

“Piatsa Kolonaki” tv-series (14 x 45min.) directed by Kostas Kekemenis, produced by Alpha tv, 2004. DV imdb.com/title/tt0495258/

“O dromos” tv-drama by Vassilis Tselemegos, produced by Epsilon for
Mega Channel. 2005, DigiBeta vimeo.com/9892223

“Eureka” docu-series(13 x 26min.) by P. Fafoutis, produced by Bad Movies for Mega Channel, 2004. DV

“All around is Light” a tribute to the Cultural Olympiad 2001-2004, directed by Kostas Gavras, presented at the American Ballet Theater, 2003. 35mm

2nd UNIT
“Nicostratos the Pelican” feature film by Olivier Horlait, DoP: Michel Amathieu AFC, produced by Five2One, Black Orange, 2010, shot on 35mm.

“Signs and Wonders” feature film by Jonathan Nossiter, DoP: Yorgos Arvanitis AFC, produced by MK2, 2000. DVcam to 35mm.

“Olympic Games 2004” 2nd unit Dop of the clip presented before the opening ceremony, directed by Y.Panousopoulos. 35mm

“Vibes” by Dimitris Kollias, produced by Peer productions, 2010,HD to 35mm. youtube.com/watch?v=X4KZD0Crj80
“Alithia” by Yannis Sakaridis, Stray Dog productions, 2006, S16 to 35mm.

Profile: Yorgos works since 2001 as Director of Photography, Lighting cameraman for feature and documentary films, tv-series and as Light Designer in Theatre plays.
1991 graduated with distinction in cinematography from INSAS (Institut National Superieur des Arts du Spectacle ) in Belgium.
Languages : Greek, French, English.

Contact: giannelis@yahoo.com

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