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My career began in the mailroom at KABC-TV in Los Angeles, California where I worked my way to
the position of staff director. I joined Group One Productions in 1967 as a director/cameraman,
where I worked on segments for such television programs as “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In,” “The
Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour,” “The Carol Burnett Show,” and “The Glen Campbell Show.”

Since becoming a free-lance director in 1971, I have directed many television specials, including
“The Barbara Walters Specials,” “Perry Como Specials,” “Andy Williams’ Early New England
Christmas,” “Crystal,” starring Crystal Gale, and “Glory Hallelujah” for NET Playhouse to name a
few. Many of the television shows that I have directed were shot entirely on location with a
destination theme.

I have won a number of awards including two Emmy Awards for best direction: “Peggy Fleming in
Sun Valley,” and “Dinah Shore in Israel.” Other television credits include “Dorothy Hamill’s
Cinderella--Frozen in Time,” “Dorothy Hamill’s Nutcracker on Ice,” and “Mary Hart’s Power in The
Public Eye.”

I left “Hollywood” in 1993 to live in Mariposa, California near Yosemite National Park.
I have turned my attention to production for my own company, the SnowCreek Consort.
Productions include “Clouds of Wood and Stone, The Gamble House,” and “Interludes in the
Kingdom of Light.” ”SnowCreek” has produced a series of scenic DVDs in Yosemite National
Park. “The Seasons” and “Watersongs” feature music by Douglas Spotted Eagle, “Lighdances”
features the music of Eugene Freisen, and “Yosemite, Ascending Rhythm,” featuring world-renown
rock climber, Ron Kauk. “Ascending Rhythm was featured at “Mountainfilm Telluride,” and was
honored with a special jury award for cinematography at “Banff Mountain Film.”

I directed and edited “Yosemite, The 100 Year Flood, Movement in Tides,” a fund- raising film for
flood victims, underwritten by Yosemite Concession Services. As a volunteer effort, I produced the
television commercials for the annual Mariposa County Bluegrass Festival. The 1999 commercial
won the International Festival and Events Association Pinnacle Award for Best Television Promotion
for festivals with a budget under $500,000.

Recent films in Yosemite, produced in High Definition, include “Return To Balance, A Climber’s Journey,” a sequel to
“Ascending Rhythm” again featuring Ron Kauk. “Return to Balance” was honored with the
“People’s Choice Award” at the “Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival” in Nevada City,
California. “Return To Balance” was also presented on opening night at “Filmfestival/Graz” in Graz,
Austria and featured at “Mountainfilm Telluride.” The film has been released as a Blu-Ray/DVD
combo. "Return To Balance" was aired as a Pledge Event on PBS Stations across the country.

I am currently in production on a new series of Yosemite films. The working title for the films are
“Clouds of Grace, Yosemite Water,” “Yosemite, There is a Season,” and “Yosemite, Veil of Light.”
“Clouds of Grace, Yosemite Water “ has be completed and is airing as a PBS Pledge Event, and
has been released as a Blu-Ray/DVD Combo.

I recently completed “Yosemite Through The Eyes of a Buffalo Soldier, 1903.” “Buffalo Soldier”
features Park Ranger Shelton Johnson portraying his character Sergeant Elizy Boman and has
been released on Blu-Ray/DVD combo and will be offered to PBS stations through APT for airing
during Black History Month 2016.

I consider myself a “blue collar” filmmaker. I am not interested in being “The Director.”
I don’t do “Directors Chairs,” I get physically involved in all phases of my productions

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