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  1. International Research Institute for Climate and Society

    by IRI joined

    16 Videos / 6 Members

    The IRI's mission is to enhance society's capability to understand, anticipate and manage the impacts of seasonal climate fluctuations in order to improve human welfare and the environment,…

  2. Future Collective

    by Walker joined

    44 Videos / 132 Members

    The future is your canvas, paint us a picture. To add content to the group please join. This group will have content based on our vision of the future, as well as the visions of those that…

  3. Georgia Students for Sustainability

    by pecan kernel joined

    84 Videos / 13 Members

    Videos uploaded for GSS. The Georgia-wide student social & environmental justice grassroots coalition. Join our mailing list @ google groups! http://groups.google.com/group/GreenPeachCoalition

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