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Young Asia Television, or YATV, is a pioneering, multi media organization where young people use the latest, as well as more traditional, communication methods to inform, educate and empower. Young Asia Television productions focus on issues relating to sustainable development, environmental conservation, human rights and conflict resolution. The programmes are designed to encourage discussion and dialogue, and are a catalyst for positive change.

YATV was initiated in 1995 in order to harness the potential of the young, giving them the tools, training, space and guidance required to highlights topics that mainstream media tends to overlook

The organization also undertakes commissioned work related to a variety of social issues. Specialising in social communication, Young Asia Television has partnered with bilateral development institutions and UN agencies and INGOs to produce and broadcast advocacy programmes on matters of relevance to their various areas of operation.

YATV offers a place for young people to express themselves, their concerns and their beliefs and raise media awareness about important social, political and environmental issues.

The YATV production centre is located in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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