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  1. SAIC Film, Video, New Media, and Animation

    by SAIC subscribed to

    33 Videos / 78 Followers


    by Monta subscribed to

    575 Videos / 3,096 Followers

    Welcome to THE CHANNEL FOR CINEPHILES : THE BEST OF GROUP 35MM I recommend ... :] 35MM - A GROUP FOR CINEPHILES vimeo.com/groups/35mmandrisdamburs Check out 28 albums in this group! Andrei…

  3. Nothing Short Of...

    by Kaiser Kreations subscribed to

    743 Videos / 827 Followers

    NOTHING SHORT OF... highlights some of the exceptional short films, documentaries, video essays and the like we've had the fortune to come across on Vimeo. These superb shorts will hopefully…


    by Cinephilia and Beyond subscribed to

    639 Videos / 846 Followers

    “A little twitch in our optic nerve, a shock effect: twenty-four illuminated frames a second, darkness in between.” http://www.cinephiliabeyond.org/

  5. Astounding Movies !

    by Mathias Maffre subscribed to

    65 Videos / 14 Followers

    Everything I like on vimeo. (The name of this channel is an allusion to pulps magazines because of my passion for science fiction.)

  6. Filmmakers

    by Ashish R Shukla subscribed to

    30 Videos / 12 Followers

  7. Cinema & Narrative

    by Phil Garrett subscribed to

    102 Videos / 30 Followers

  8. Film School - Filmmaking

    by Tommy Rodriguez subscribed to

    1,832 Videos / 26.1K Followers

    This is the free Film School of www.cinemacuteo.com which are published videos tutorials to make your film projects, from the special effects, to the steadycam, lights, cranes. Filmmaking demystifies.…

  9. The Filmmakers

    by Kaiser Kreations subscribed to

    329 Videos / 1,369 Followers

    THE FILMMAKERS is a channel dedicated to showcasing the numerous outstanding and thoughtful tributes, retrospectives, essays and filmographies created to honor, display and evaluate the works, methods…

  10. Videolab

    by LENS Escuela de Artes Visuales subscribed to

    88 Videos / 16 Followers

    Canal de recursos para los alumnos de video de Lens. http://lensescuela.es/cursos-y-talleres/cursos-de-video.html

  11. Every Frame a Painting

    by Tony Zhou subscribed to

    23 Videos / 4,236 Followers

    Dedicated to the analysis of film form. Pictures and sound all the way, baby.

  12. Norman Rig

    by Vinny Lazaro subscribed to

    72 Videos / 26 Followers

    Norman is a Maya puppet built unofficially for the Academy of Art University Pixar classes.

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