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My name is John P. Lauri and I am a motion picture producer, director and cinematographer who works creatively at 186,000 miles per second (on a slow day). Stories are realized through my use of light, lenses, filters, sound and recording media. Stories are viewed through my selection in framing and blocking of actors. Stories are told through my choices of editing the motion pictures and the sound. But none of it happens without the assistance of dozens of talented people who I have the privilege of working with daily. I am here on Vimeo to meet interesting people both inside and outside the film industry and thrive on my networking of hardworking colleagues and reciprocity. Do you have a story to tell or something to promote? I am open to explore how we might work together so feel free to contact me.

I have been trained and certified by Sony and The Sundance Media Group in high definition production. I am also a certified Steadicam Operator/Owner. I am a proud member of the Digital Cinema Society, the Steadicam Operators Association, the American Film Institute, the Detroit Film Center and the International Documentary Association.

Respectfully Yours,


John P. Lauri
Director, Cinematographer, Editor
J. Lauri Filmworks
Bloomfield Hills/Detroit, Michigan

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