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Your Media 2 was founded in April of 2011 to focus on creating web advertising videos, television commercials, and local cinema advertising.

We love to handle the production from beginning to end. We also offer services a-la-carte: already have video that needs editing? We’ll gladly edit your existing material. Want to add effects to a video that’s already been edited? We can do that for you too.

Our full-service web video and TV ad/commercial production includes:

Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, and Concept Art
Location scouting and hiring cast and crew
In-studio and on-location digital video recording (HD, 4K, 6K formats — ask us to explain)
Editing, visual effects and scene compositing (ask us to explain)
Motion graphics and animation
Sound production
Color Correction
Final video, DVD creation, and upload to the video outlet/platform
Full integration with social media and mobile platforms

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