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    by youTheology

    0 Videos

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  4. 11:12

    Believe Curriculum

    by youTheology

    6 Videos

    About Believe Curriculum, a resource to empower you to have an extraordinary youth ministry right where you are.

  5. 07:20

    Pan-Methodist Pilgrimage 2013

    by youTheology

    7 Videos

    Experiences and learning of youTheologians in Harlem, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Baltimore, MD; and Washington, DC on youTheology's annual Pan-Methodist Pilgrimage. Class of 2013.

  6. 06:54

    Youth Workers' Gatherings

    by youTheology

    9 Videos

    Highlights from youTheology's annual youth workers' gatherings.

  7. 03:56

    One God, One Day, One Love

    by youTheology

    7 Videos

    Highlights from youTheology's One God, One Day, One Love event with middle and high school students.

  8. 24:32

    Pan-Methodist Pilgrimage 2012

    by youTheology

    20 Videos

    youTheology's Pan-Methodist Pilgrimage

  9. 43:47

    youTheology Alumni Reflecting on youTheology

    by youTheology

    17 Videos

    Videos describing the various dimensions and impact of youTheology by yT alumni.

  10. 27:28

    Pan-Methodist Pilgrimage 2011

    by youTheology

    3 Videos

    Videos from youTheology's Pan-Methodist Pilgrimage 2011.

  11. 01:15:13

    Worship, Serve, Learn, Explore

    by youTheology

    46 Videos

    youTheologians and alumni worship together, share what they learn from various elements of youTheology, serve, and explore faith.

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