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You are my dudes.

A clever name representing the combinations of musicians from two underground noise rock bands from the Pacific Northwest: MonsterDudes and Yuma Nora. This is not a conventional band by any means, but you'll love what they're doing. YumaDudes' music features catchy melodies celebrating the spirit of youth with a garagey Mamas and Papas sound. The base of the songs are 13 year old Venec Milione's riotous, pop-punk, bombastic beats. His father Jeremy Milione adds his intricate and unconventional guitar riffs. Amy Milione spastically sings on top of it all with soulful sounding lyrics.

They produce rugged, grunge anthems, slow-moving 90s rockers, and indie rock lullabies. Their songs are playful, joking, and ridiculous, yet contain intellectual high-art hypocrisy. Inspired by hitchhiking in faraway lands, David Eggers' short story "After I Was Thrown In The River and Before I Drowned," the poetry of William Carlos Williams, local wildlife, finding your own path, doing the right thing, folk songs, their amazing friends, the stories their friends tell, public histories, bringing bikes to rural Ghana, meeting your destiny, jumping off boats in the middle of the ocean, Victorian era prisons, and anyone who breaks the rules with a real, solid grasp on reality.

They sum up their music with a Lou Reed lyric: "If art is the tip of the iceberg/I'm the part sinking below."

Their music is dedicated to a wee 6 month old boy, Kirin Milione, their future bass player.

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