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Samandova Yvana artiste-plasticienne-technicienne

Born in Macedonia 1990 -- painter, video-performer.
As a painter Samandova is doing research on the concept of "work in progress " or the concept of open work , according Ezra Pound's note: that each artist is at the beginning, that is a Troubadour - whoever who is always questing. She takes any empty space and calls it an exhibition space. She tries to dismember the body before to reunite it. During the creative act she becomes precisely that of what no memories are kept.
In her approach to video art Samandova is combining two different artistic sensibilities. In one hand she is not painting with her camera, but is behaving as a colorist, filling the void of our perception with the pure sensibility. On the other hand without using any narrative elements she is looking for visual presentation of conceptual art. The combination of those two approaches is never ending process of creation, since, the new technologies, new forms of bodily implicat

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