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MY LATEST WORK vimeo.com/76939235

In 1977 I was born in Fribourg, Switzerland. At the age of eleven I discovered skateboarding
and as soon as I stepped on a skateboard I knew it would influence my life for the years to come.

Ever since I started rolling on my board around the city or going on weekend-trips with my friends,
I wanted to catch all the happenings on tape. To do so, I borrowed my friends dad's video camera
and started filming; that was in 1994. Back then making a video was very exciting for me: it consisted of
using two borrowed VHS decks for cutting, adding a soundtrack with my low-end Hi-Fi system
and then duplicating tapes for my friends one by one.
Over the years I pursued skateboarding and documenting both with the same dedication.
In 2000 I started filming professionally: I worked freelance for Swiss companies and got my first jobs
in the European skateboard industry. In 2004 I got the opportunity to film and travel extensively
with the European Element Team.
I finally got to direct, film and edit one of the first European skateboard videos: Rise Up.

From 2008 to 2010 I filmed, edited and co-directed one of the first ever made skateboard video
in high definition: Get Busy Living.

In 2012 I wrote, filmed & edited my first documentary: Second Nature

Currently I am working as a freelance filmer/ editor and as an independent film-maker.


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