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MY LATEST WORK vimeo.com/76939235

Born in Fribourg Switzerland, Yves Marchon has been filming skateboarding and documenting the culture around it for nearly 20 years.

He directed some of the most anticipated European skateboard films for Element Skatebaords such as 'Rise Up' released in 2005 and 'Get Busy Living' in 2010.

In 2012 he wrote, filmed & edited his first documentary: Second Nature, who won an award for 'Best Editing' at the ISFF in Los Angeles.

In 2013 Marchon's documentary short Spitsbergen 78°41’N - 16° 24’E was nominated for 'Clip Of The Year' at the Bright European Skateboarding Awards in Berlin.

Currently Yves Marchon is working as a freelance videographer and an independent film-maker.

For work inquires please contact directly.


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