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Obtained a MSc. in Computer Science and Engineering from the Belgian University of LLN. Immediately, he joined the department of Network Architecture of ALU Research Labs where he worked on core IP related issues such as IPoverDSL, NAT, QoS, IPnG thru standardization bodies. Then in Network Strategy Group, he concentrated his research on IP security. He leaded the IPv6 investigation group & the CRC Lab Intranet .

Mid 2000, he co-founded Indigo Software, a telecommunication startup on SIP IPtelephony where he leaded the research group & part of the software engineering team. In 2002, he joined E-System, with roles of project management, IT architecture development & technical writings of ICT Tender.

Since 2004, he is working as Network & Telecom expert for AWT an agency of the Belgian Walloon Gov. Within it, he is part of the Technology Watch working Group where his role is Technology Evangelist. He participated to several SPW projects such as the IT security audit, e-government, ICT tenders, WW promotion of Walloon ICT market with AWEX & bring tech companies to establish HQ in Belgium with OFI.

At AWT, he focuses his expertises in fields of UC (ToIP, IM, Presence), High Speed Broadband, NextGenerationNetwork, Web2.0, Mobile Data, Security & other ICT related areas. During several years, he was guest professor at University of Mons-Hainaut. He is (co-)author of various Internet technology patents & several papers published in International journals & presented on International conferences.

As 'Multi Faced IP technology evangelist' combined with an 'entrepreneur profile', he was also director & CTO of several enterprises.
In 2008, he co-founded two more startups Finatech and WrLS. The first one acting in consulting on financial aspect of telecom. The second one acting in the arena of wireless infrastructure services provider.

To follow his technology watch, subscibe
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