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Creative Act is an effort to tell stories. Below is a list of projects starting with the most recent.

The Statue: A short film and parable. Utilizes mixed-media (photo-motion, video, art work, ect.)

Dappled Things: An ongoing series of 1 minute videos, attempting to find divinity in the mundane.

Lost and Found: Creative Act filmed, edited, and was closely involved in the development of this event.
To view Lost & Found online, visit:

Advent 2008: I shot, edited and uploaded a video each day of the Advent season.

(Re)defined Series: A six film series. Each with a different speaker, discussing a topic relevant to life and faith.


  1. Alternative
  2. Pigeonhole Films
  3. The Work Of The People
  4. Cale Glendening
  5. defetto
  6. stillmotion
  7. Brooke Condolora
  8. Joseph B. Maneiro
  9. International Programs
  10. charity: water
  11. Jimmy Shaw
  12. Trent Posey
  13. Grant Dillion
  14. 1504 Pictures
  15. Jacob Edwards
  16. Capucha
  17. The Mentoring Project
  18. Derek Webb

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