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My name is Zachary O’Dell Hutchinson and I come from Grand Rapids, Michigan but I make most of my art in Chicago, Illinois where I attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). At SAIC i am currently a Sudent Amabassador and holding a position as one of the four members of the SAIC's Student Governement. I work mostly with video, performance and performance for video.

My work investigates how the abject can be used to create new images of transgression and eroticism. By making depravity and beauty simultaneously visible I intend to queer a largely capitalized/commercialized gay aesthetic but what I am most interested in exploiting in my work is the unconscious rebellion to social constructs by the everyday person.

The rebellion most conscious in my everyday is the rebellion against the construction of language. Language when used to get across a thought or idea is very hard for me so that is why I make art. I do not have a need for expression but rather a want and to convey what I need to say and I have never been successful through writing or conversation. Language obscures me so I fabricate images that I feel I can trust.

With that said I think it is important to remind you and myself that at the end of the day everyone shits.



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