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Santa Cruz, California

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I started working with film during my freshman year in high school when I created an animated short (hand drawn). After that moment I knew I wanted to become a filmmaker.

Sophomore: I created a documentary on the life of Leonardo da Vinci.
Senior: I created a documentary for the US Forest Service that explored the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the paths taken by pioneers. I also created a short film called Drawn to You which helped me receive Best Director, Best Picture, and Best Costume in local film festivals (Twain Harte).

After these moments I decided to continue my career at UC Santa Cruz. Again I continued to create films for myself and others.

Freshman: Ashes to Ashes. A short film I created using only photography for a class project. I also created another documentary for the US Forest Service. This one explored the process the Forest Service took to choose a Christmas tree for the White House. I filmed the cutting of the tree and the festival that took place in the local town celebrating its future journey.

Sophomore: A big project in film making took place when I took part in the film The God Particle. In this project I helped film a short story/ play production for the UC Film Club (aka Fourth Hallway Productions). For this film I showed my filming knowledge and understanding to others while also acting in the play (the first film/theater hybrid at UCSC).

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