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Zach Fowler, born and raised in beautiful Northern Wyoming by his supportive parents, jumped into the world of business at age 12 washing windows for main street businesses in his home town. The funds, he told the owners, were going towards equipment to use on his film projects. It was this dream that drove him to get up early each week to finish school so he could lug his bike and trailer up the hill with several gallons of water, a squeegee, and a bottle of cleaning chemical.

This vision had been born in him one year prior when his brain was trying to think up ideas for what he wanted to be when he grew up. It suddenly became very obvious to him that everyone watched movies and that not everyone knew his Lord Jesus. So it was decided, he was going to be a movie-maker! Throughout the next few years the vision would never waiver, only grow. He experimented and read into every facet of the business he could think of. He got advice where he could from others who were a lot farther down the road and, by the counsel of his friend Wes Olsen, he attended the 2009 and 2011 San Antonio Independent Christian Filmmakers Academy. Coming home from these experiences he would sit down with books like Isaac Botkin’s Outside Hollywood and devour them; at least, when he wasn’t engaged in the worlds of authors like C.S. Lewis or Tolkien. In 2010 he met Brandon Wasserburger and Gary Baughman, two men who were actually part of making movies out of his small town; one every week in fact.

The Best of The West internship was a turning point in his life as he finally had his chance to start experiencing things hands on under the guidance of people who were actually “in it.” He was shown into the world of After Effect, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Studio, and especially (not always joyously), that of HDV capture. Zach’s mentor, both spiritually and technically, moved on to start his own production office which services companies like MSN, History Channel, and CAMA ministries. Yet Brandon Wasserburger still found time to take the young visionary under his wing and teach him what it took to be successful in many of the complicated areas of film.

In 2011 Zach reached the first degree Black Belt of Korean Martial arts and started on as a part of a two man construction crew with his father building their family’s dream home. He said goodbye to the people at Best of The West as he moved out of town onto the hundred and thirty-one acre farm where the construction was underway. Though still under construction in February 2012 the house did not prevent the Fowler family from going with Zach to his third SAICFF and seeing him awarded Runner-up Best Commercial for the Berger Bullets project done while working for Best of The West.

2012 also signaled the beginning of the one year process of Air Waves, his first “real short film.” The idea of a lonely survivor in an underground bunker was first submitted in book format to the local Young Authors competition under the name “Our Greatest Treasure.” It eventually won on the local level and went on to take best fiction statewide as well. With the counsel of Brandon and Jeremiah Malmberg, a feature length writer, Our Greatest Treasure was morphed into a full screenplay. With a lot of help from God, his parents, his three sibling and a multitude of other friends and family a fifteen minute film entitled Air Waves slowly emerged from the chaos. It is set to be released for public purchase in March.

Zach is still working with Fire Tribe Productions even as he seeks to serve his own clients and make films for the glory of his God. Proficient in both Adobe and Apple editing products he works hard to continually become more proficient in the use of his gifts and experience to further companies and individuals towards fulfillment of their dreams in areas of multimedia.

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