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Zahed Mannan, currently Assistant Professor of Management at the Faculty of Business Administration, Hamdard University Bangladesh, was a faculty member of Southeast University Bangladesh and International Islamic University of Chittagong. He received higher education in Management at Dhaka University. He obtained First Class in all higher-level public examinations. During his 11 years of teaching career at the University level, for a few years he worked as the Director of 5M Security Services Limited, Managing Director of 5M InfoTech Limited, and as Resource Person at ANZ Education. He is the owner of 5M Corporation, a market leader of automobile maintenance and service center.

He is a author of several degree-level popular textbooks including nationally reputed Business Communication: Real-World Focus, Computer in Business, and Introduction to Business. He has to his credit 11 research papers. He has wide multicultural orientation resulted from his professional and personal visits to USA, UK, Uniteed Arab Emirates, India, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, and Russia. He is involved in Public Private Partnership Projects in Higher Education, funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB), which will be implemented by University Grants Commission and supervised by the Ministry of Education.

As management consultant and strategic planner, he worked with several business and not-for-profit organizations for developing their plans, conducting job analysis, preparing job descriptions and undertaking performance/management audit. His active interest and initiatives were instrumental in the introduction of the Strategic Management, Fundamentals of Management, and Business Communication in the MBA programs at the Hamdard University Bangladesh and several private universities. He has been teaching these courses at Southeast University and in some private Universities as adjunct faculty for quite a long time. He has widely lectured in-house and online, and provided consulting services to different business organizations on the issues of TQM, human resource management and strategic management.

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  • Zahed Mannan - Zahed Mannan received his MBA in Human Resource Management from Dhaka University and BBA in Management and Management Information System from Dhaka University. Before coming to The Hamdard University Bangladesh, he taught at Southeast University and IIUC.
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