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“A visual artist who accedintally ventured into the infinite universe of shape, colors, materials and sounds always ready to push the limits. After substantial professional work majorly with moving images my passion for research, innovation and travel got me to London where I studied Communication Design at Kingston University to refine as a visual communicator by choice. Definately not dependent upon the medium be it Broadcast/Digital Design, Installations, Film and Animation., now I aspire to be a problem solver constantly striving to concieve ‘the big idea’.


  1. Dvein
  2. Ayhan Cebe
  3. Jr.canest
  4. henry hobson directing & design
  5. The Heavy Projects
  6. wabi-sabi lab
  7. Keiichi Matsuda
  8. Serial Cut™
  10. INDE Appshaker
  11. Brand New School
  12. Canal180
  13. Microbe Studio
  14. Pause Fest
  15. Amanda Leilani
  16. Julia Pott
  17. Polynoid
  18. Lena Melnik

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