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After graduating from Drama School back in 2001 Zak worked extensively on film, television, as well as the theatre.

His directing career began in 2004 where he got the opportunity to work with Aankur Arts, collaborating on a community theatre project aimed for the ethnic minorities based in the West of Scotland.

In 2006 Zak made his first commissioned short film through Digicult called THE CORNER SHOP. The short saw him channeling personal experience into a film whose appeal proved universally intelligible. THE CORNER SHOP travelled to many Film Festivals around the globe, premiering at the EIFF as well as being short-listed for Best British Short. Zak’s second short HOMECOMING (GMAC/UK Film Council/Scottish Screen), saw its premiere at Brief Encounters Short Film Festival in 2008.

Recently Zak completed the MFA Advanced Film Practice course at the Screen Academy in Edinburgh. This course has helped him focus primarily on writing and directing for film, where he excelled in exploring new layers in the genre of drama.

His latest project MY DAD THE RELUCTANT SCOT has been short-listed for Bridging The Gap, a scheme supported and run by the Scottish Documentary Institute. Zak looks forward to an intense two months of workshops as well as returning to a personal theme which began his path to filmmaking.


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