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Zam Barrett Dialogue is a continuous process of creation and refinement of ideas, which are born in part from communication between us as creators and our clients as the end users of the products we make.

At Zam Barrett Dialogue, our products are made predominantly from some of the best natural materials around, fabrications such as wools, silks, cottons, linens and leather. The items we make are intentionally imperfect as they are made for human beings, by human beings. It is in this spirit that we design them to reflect the beautiful imperfections that are to be found in our collective humanity. If we could use a phrase to describe what we do, we would term the aesthetic of Zam Barrett Dialogue “Philosophic Minimalism” as the items themselves are in part created by asking fundamental questions about our humanity, existence and being then communicating those in as minimal a language as necessary.

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  1. What is the song name? great song, great designer.