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For nearly 20 years, I have had the honor to work and collaborate with many brilliant professionals, domestic and international agencies, organizations and companies that include the Swiss Agency for International Development, United States Agency for International Development, World Bank, World Race Productions “The Amazing Race”. For years, my skills as a consultant, industry specialist, research and analyst (including supply & value chains), project manager, marketing specialist, SEO & web content manager, film maker, film producer, line producer and/or country fixer for international TV Networks, domestic and international film productions, domestic and international development agencies, private sector companies etc., have been honed. It was during this time that I had authored and founded the Ger to Ger GeoTourism Foundation and Agency. Today Ger to Ger’s operations extend over a geographic spread of 11,000 square kilometers with over 40 community travel routes and products across Mongolia. Ger to Ger has received accolades from National Geographic Society, Ashoka’s Changemakers, WHL Travel, UNESCAP, Lonely Planet and more. In February 2010, as Ger to Ger’s Founder and Top Ten Global Finalist, I was invited to National Geographic Society’s Global GeoTourism Summit in Washington D.C., and the International GeoTourism Ambassadorship Training to which we have become an Affiliate of National Geographic Society's Explorers Take Action.

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