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freak show band ZAO RaveNous | фрик шоу бэнд ЗАО Рэйвнз

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The shocking epatage group of glam-freak-performancers the amazing variety of costumes, DVJ and MC, creating a stunning unique spectacular freak show on the stages of night clubs, open-air parties, large-scale rave and social events.

The activities of the band with a foundation in November 2007 is miscellaneous: from freak-performances on a variety of indoor and outdoor events & club parties, rave, open-air, videos, photo shoots, presentations..) to full-size 2-4-x hour non-stop shows and full-fledged parties with the participation of the DVJ ViZual INsider and MC ShperrGo (ShpeZho duplet) on the closed underground and open music event.

Freak-performances and amazing installation in the most unimaginable forms (glam, LED lights, techno, giant robots, zentai, fleur, B.D.S.M., shadows, dummy, dolls, subjects..) are flexible and driving professional dancers.

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