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My father researched my name for six months and eventually settled on the name Zardon by merging the Tsars, from Russia (without the T) and the Dons of Italy. It reads Zarden but is spelled Zardon. My name is the beginning of me realizing that

I tried to act as if I were not an outsider but I couldn’t keep up the façade. I became an artist, mainly in response to my fathers influence, both positive and negative, but also by watching the world and feeling as if I had something to contribute. Therefore in high school, I became involved in poetry, photography and then stand up comedy. I grew up on the Westside of Chicago and most of my art is influenced by its culture and ideology. The abruptness and honesty of my neighborhood and household, made me mindful of life and ironic events. I was never sure of how an event would end – in the hospital or with a laugh. So I developed a hyper sense to reality and a paranoid imagination that is prime for filmmaking.

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