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Zavoloka is a stage name of Kateryna Zavoloka - sound artist, experimental electronic music composer, performer and graphic designer from Kyiv city, Ukraine, that based in Vienna, Austria.

Zavoloka mainly explores digital and analogue synthesis and combines them with recorded herself Ukrainian ancient folk songs and different instruments. Her music consists of intensive varied sound motions and unexpected combinations piped into carefully controlled electronic flows.

Zavoloka collaborates with artists like: Kotra (UA), Mark Clifford of Seefeel band (UK), AGF (DE), she was invited by Aphex Twin (UK) to support his audiovisual shows, frequently works and playing live with Laetitia Morais (PT) visual artist and has took part in many different cross-genre art projects, music for sculpture/art pavilion and audio compilations.

She is also a graphic designer for almost all releases of Ukrainian experimental music label Kvitnu, that in 2011 was awarded in three nominations at Qwartz Electronic Music Awards 07 and has designed two covers for Seefeel band, released by Warp records.

In 2005 Zavoloka was awarded as Honorary Mention in Digital Music & Sound Art with
Prix Ars Electronica for "Plavyna" album.
In the June 2007 issue of The Wire magazine there was an article detailing Zavoloka's music.
In 2008 Kateryna has received Gaude Polonia grant, program of the Ministry of Culture in Poland.

Zavoloka performs concerts regularly and her music has been presented in various concert halls, clubs, contemporary museums, theaters and open-air around the world. She has been played at many different international music festivals, like: Presences Electronique (FR), Club Transmediale (DE), MadeiraDig (PT), Unsound New York (USA), The Warehouse Project (UK), European Stadium of Culture (PL), The Morning Line festival (AT), Kvitnu Fest (UA), Detali Zvuku (UA), Being the Future (DE), Les Urbaines (CH), Garage (DE), Unsound (PL), Femmes (BE), Cimatics (BE), Interferenze (IT), Radius (AU), La Nuit Blue (FR), EME07 (PT), AudioVisiva (IT), Stimul (CZ), Skanu Mežs (LV) and many others.

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