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  1. matteo boffo

    matteo boffo Brooklyn, NY


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    Growing up in Northern Italy, I always found cooking to be a means of challenging my creativity as well as gathering the people that I love. I started cooking at my mother’s side when I was first tall enough to reach the stove, and have been doing it ever since. My inspiration has always been to…

  2. Raffaello D'Andrea
  3. Mi6 Films

    Mi6 Films Hollywood, California


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    Flying RC helicopters for film, video, and photography. We have a long list of clients, see our web site for full details, a few recent clients include Disney Studios, Discovery Chanel, Nat Geo, Travel Chanel, many car commercials, Motor Trend, MTV Music Videos and many feature films whom with copyright…

  4. Brainframes

    Brainframes Roma, Buenos Aires


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    We are directors, storytellers, producers creating contents for agencies and brands.

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