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I was born in Lebanon in 1978, to a British father and Lebanese mother where I lived till I was 3 before moving to Dubai and then onto to London when I was 6.

I discovered my love for film when I was growing up in London. I remember the feeling of first visiting a film set when I was around 12 years old. The craft of re-creating a moment to inspire, change or make an impact in someone's life really took hold of me. I was inspired most by those that carried the talent of lighting. And from a young age I knew that there was something very special about being part of the camera department. From loading a film mag to exposing your picture.

I borrowed my old mans canon F-1 camera and started to take lots of pictures, slowly slowly discovering the complexity and simplicity of light. How different times of the day expose and effect people and situations.

When I turned 15 I saved up enough money to buy an 8mm camera, splicer and projector. I realized then, that if I wanted to have a talent it would be this. I loved everything about film.

In 1998 I left boarding school and went to study Multi Media at the American University. Video though didn't excite me. There was something missing. After almost a year i decided to drop out and decided that I would either go to film school and become a runner on film sets. I applied to the London International Film School where I got accepted and graduated as a Cinematographer in 2001.

In 2003, I decided to move to Dubai to be closer to a girl. 8 years on, I am married with two daughters and working in the film industry in Dubai. Considering myself to be from a film background, it was very difficult to join the digital revolution.

I dropped my guard in 2008 when I took delivery of my Red One camera 1286 and now I am almost all digital.

My passion lies in shooting short films, Documentaries and capturing moments that stand a chance at making a difference in someones life.

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