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Zefred is a filmmaker born in Montpellier, south of France. He spent his young years following his parents around the country while studying in school and watching a LOT of films (Starwars generation...). He attended the University of Bordeaux's computer science program in the end of the 80's with CGI Graphics for the film industry in mind. Being a little frustrated with other computer geeks’ autistry, he decided to go double way and forked to History of Arts and Archaeology after Indiana Jones helped pushing a little bit towards this direction.

He completed the two masters and pre doc diploma before being hired as a CGI artist, then production manager by TOONGA, in Bordeaux. After 4 years he felt a little confined in his office and decided to change his course of action and go back to his childhood love and passion : filmmaking. Back to school for three years at the ESRA cinema school in Paris! There his filmmaking career started. Since then he’s been enjoying the sets first as a P.A., on-set digital effects assistant, 2nd A.C., and then Steadicam Operator since 2001 and director in 2002. He has operated cameras on numerous projects in France during these five years, while always keeping up to date with the post production side. H moved to Canada in 2005 to teach directing and cinematography at a film school in Toronto. He is currently editing his last short film "Explosive Breakup" and developing three features scripts while working on all kind of different projects as a steadicam/camera operator, Director of Photography and Director.

He is always up for new adventures !


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