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Zeke Torres was born Ezequiel Torres in Mexico City, Mexico. Driven by his curiosity to learn new things he convinced his parents to send him to the U.S. for his high school education. This experience exposed Zeke to a dual-culturism that would later serve as a meaningful foundation for his career.
His previous professional experience included multimedia training and development and interactive media marketing. Zeke was given the opportunity to travel and oversee operations throughout the U.S. and worldwide including: Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Romania. This helped develop in him a deep appreciation for the diversity of cultures and traditions.
Zeke Torres Films was founded out of his lifelong passion of movies. The cinematic look, edit and sound was something that intrigued him so much that he wanted to find a way to deliver that experience on a personal level: to individuals with films starring themselves. The evolution of technology and changes in the industry gave him the perfect opportunity to start creating unique cinematic films that feature the highlights and celebrations of a person’s life.
After a long day of shooting, directing or editing you will often hear him say “I looove my job!” which demonstrates how much effort and passion he puts into his work: your film.
Zeke currently resides in Chula Vista, CA where in his spare time you can find him watching movies with his wife Alma or playing his bass guitar.

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