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FAQ: the questions I seem to get asked alot are these;

1. When is the anime coming out?

A: well My PERSONAL GOAL is to get the first episode out in Late 2013. So, hopefully by 2013 at the earliest.

2. Is this anime real?

A: As real as it can get, Thought If we can't get enough Animators, which I still need and trying to get, there is a back up plan, and the anime turns into a radioplay series. But so far, we are focused on the anime.

3: Is it true your anime is based off the manga?

A: your thinking of our friends the Zeldamotion team. This series is based off the games and making sense of the timeline. While adding original stories, and possible seasons. While the series is made by fans for fans, we aren't restricting ourselves toward the games full on timeline.

4: If its based on a game what game?
A: Skyward sword, wanting to make sense of things and the timeline, we're starting at the origins.

5: So is it the same story as skyward sword then?
A: yes and No, the Basic story and set up is there but new characters, Links (no puns intended) and other things to show a bigger world and universe are there. so No. if you played the game, you know the very basic outline. But this story is very Dark Knight Trilogy like. No its not realsitic, or very serious, but there are some bigger themes and things going on.

6: Ghirahim =D

A: As in his fabulous-ness is there? yes, and his sexual orientation will be hinted at, and he's a bit Different form his game counterpart.

7: whats the rating?
A: i'd say Around PG to PG-13. like right in the center. Link and Zelda are the oldest they have been in this series for a reason.

8: Season 2?
A: I can't tell if you guys like what we have then we'll see where this road take's us.

9: Will this be on TV?
A: No, this is exclusively on the Net. it's on our site:

10: I go to your website and All I see our trailers with the game footage whats the deal?
A: They are PLACEMENT Teasers. They are there to give an overall look, i.e. meant for practicing so you guys can see the progress of how our editor is doing, what music style's would fit and overall give you something to look at. it's all just there to show different test. think of it as test footage, but since we only have one animator and the teaser hasn't been sent to us yet. These little test are here just keep you Zelda fans at bay, you can also check out our friends at zeldamotion. there doing what I Call a Miyazaki-Event serial, and we're the Dark knight trilogy.

Ask any other questions and we'll try to answer you guys.

BIO: Well, being a college student, and creating a fan made Legend of Zelda series is stressful, but I'm looking at this as an opportunity. People have talked about making a Zelda anime before but no one has really done anything to make them,and this might be the first ever non-profit Zelda anime. My goal is to get the first episode out in 2013. If We can not get any animators, then we'll have to turn the anime series into a Radioplay series. this channel is for Episodes, netspots and other bonus stuff, like commentaries, bloopers,etc.

if your interesting in joining us as Staff writer, or animator, then please e-mail me @

Episode List.

Episode one: "Skyward Bound" 25% completed


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