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Currently evolving from film marketer into filmmaker. Now in pre-production on 'Babushka', a short TV pilot - here are a few links surrounding the project:

Pilot's blog: whatifloveneverhadtodie.tumblr.com
Pilot's facebook: facebook.com/BabushkaSeries
Pilot's Tweet: twitter.com/BabushkaSeries
Character's blog: thesearchforgabby9er.tumblr.com
Character's facebook: facebook.com/Gabby9er
Source material (novel): bit.ly/BabushkaSerialisation

Feel free to email Shine@ThePatchworkProject.com if you would also like a sneak-peek link to the current work in progress on the director's cut of my most recent short, 'Shine' (facebook.com/ShineTheFilm), a silent drama about the isolation and suicide risks associated with school bullying and the difference that students and teachers can make when they take a stand together. A full set of Shine's behind-the-scenes photos may be viewed at bit.ly/ShineBTS.

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