Zenn van Zyl

Cape Town, South Africa

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"Zenn van Zyl is one of the most talented individuals we know. Period. The Young SAFTA winning Director of Photography is one of Gambit’s go-to cinematographers. With a unique approach to any shot, Zenn has a delicate eye for composition, lighting and movement. His impressive body of work has already earned him industry respect and his fantastic worth ethic, his brilliant understanding of the moving image and his never-ending quest to achieve nothing less than the perfect shot makes him any director’s dream to work with. There’s no doubt about it; Zenn is on his way to becoming one of the greats. It’s only a matter of time." - Gambit Films


  1. Patrick O'Sullivan
  2. Dustin Lane
  3. The London Filter Company
  4. Cale Glendening
  5. Noam Kroll
  6. Ryan E. Walters
  7. Juan Melara
  8. Christian Denslow
  9. Ari Kruger
  10. Caleb Heymann
  11. Shane Hurlbut, ASC
  12. Stephen Murphy - Cinematographer
  13. BSC
  14. American Cinematographer
  15. Shaun Lee - Cinematographer
  16. Pierre ALT

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  1. Zenn van Zyl commented on ROAR
    Great film! What camera and lensing did you guys use? Your cinematographer did an amazing job!