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Zentropa was founded in 1992 as a result of the co-operation between director Lars von Trier and producer Peter Aalbæk Jensen on the feature film "Europa" ("Zentropa"). They share an equal ownership of 25% of the company. Yet another 25 % is owned by employees and others closely associated with the company. The last 50 % was bought by Nordisk Film as of February 2008.

The Company differs from the major competitors in the market by having established a decentralised autonomous organisation structure which creates space for new ideas and alternative methods of productions. This company culture has drawn some of the best directors to Zentropa and shaped groundbreaking projects such as the ‘Dogma concept’ – an idea adopted by several directors all over the world.

Zentropa has produced more than 70 international and Scandinavian quality features, co-productions, and low budget films. With an annual turnover that has reached $30 million (Euro 29.3 million), Zentropa is the largest film production company in Scandinavia. A position it has maintained since 1994.

During the years Zentropa has expanded beyond the limits of Scandinavian territory, successfully establishing several production units in Europe. Moreover the company co-works with many other European production companies and is always interested in new collaborations.

The increasing activities of Zentropa also include music videos, documentaries, television entertainment, and development of multimedia projects. Numerous companies with similar interests have moved to the old military camp that locates Zentropa, thus creating a new European film city. Facilities for post production, sound design, in house rental of production equipment and international sales make Zentropa self providing in every aspect of filmmaking.

Films produced by Zentropa enjoy critical acclaim worldwide and have been rewarded with the most prestigious prizes the festival circuit has to offer, among these The Golden Palms and The Silver Bear. Moreover Zentropa has represented Denmark at the Academy Awards on four occasions.

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