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ZENWORKS PRODUCTIONS was started in 2003 to provide primary source information to parents and professionals caring for children with special needs. Today we focus on producing live content ready to distribute or stream around the world. Our work revolves around 3 basic ideas:

Social Responsibility: At ZenWorks Productions, we constantly strive to provide relevant, balanced information detached from bias of profit, market, and growth. Although the success of our business is very important to us , we want it to be the rewarding result of providing viewers with content that matters.

Volunteerism: Our work is founded out of love and devotion for family and community. Sometimes people just need to "pitch in" to bring about change. Our commitment is to go above and beyond.

Affecting Change: We are committed to using the latest technologies to help remove barriers to education. This means finding ways to provide access to information at a reasonable cost in formats that are widely available and accessible.

With thoughtful, committed care our business exists with you in mind.

My best to you and your family,
Steven M. Janak
ZenWorks Productions, Owner

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