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0xf8 (zero-ex-ef-eight) is the creative collaboration of Jennifer McClain and Clint M. Sand (@synnack). Primarily working in digital video and often combined with self-produced audio recordings, 0xf8 output can be described as...

In 2007, Jennifer and Clint teamed up to collaborate on creating installation-like environments using Cycling 74's Max/MSP/Jitter to be used in live performances for Clint's audio work he releases under the named synnack. This early work focuses on abstract narrative, an evolving cinematography that exposes and examines the boundary between eye-candy and film. The themes are based on classical mythological themes and are combined with chance methodologies to generate custom, narrative footage, that is arranged and effected on the fly as the performance progresses.

This early work culminated into a full-length DVD, "init.system", available for purchase from Forced Distro or directly from 0xf8.

Outside of the 0xf8 collaboration, Jennifer has written, directed, filmed, edited, and produced music videos for numerous bands and VJed in nightclubs at electronic music festivals across the globe.

In addition to 0xf8 and synnack, Clint is a sponsored musician by Ableton, Inc. (See: artist feature: Electronic Polymath), blogs about his artistic endeavors and experiences, runs the Force of Nature music label, and hosts the worlds largest user community for one of his favorite Audio/Video tools on maxforlive.com.

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